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Crochet KIT : FREE PATTERN: #SpiralBunga. (Pattern in PDF format)


1. #SpiralBunga KIT (DoIt Yourself KIT)

Everything you need in a finished package.
Includes: 1pcs crochet hook + 3 stitch Marker +
3balls benang #bcyarn+ pattern in printed & pdf.

2. FREE #SpiralBunga Pattern ONLY

(Pattern in PDF format)
FILL in your email address in the web Checkout form. 
Spiral Bunga (Flower) Pot Mat. BUNGA in Malay means flower.

Spiral is something that I want to do when I was new in crocheting six years ago. I am a self learner, it is difficult to find a book or reference at that time I even dunno about ravelry or difficult to access internet and don’t have a crochet friends before. 
I always love making crochet for my small kitchen. Most of the time I just playing with my scrap yarn and making something for my kitchen. So now I know crocheting, which something I like to do is making my kitchen look cozy and practical. I love doing DIY for most of the decoration in my kitchen to save money.

When I was a kid, it was my first time watching, “Anne of the Green Gable” drama series, I thought, what a beautiful life living there. With the flowers garden, retro kitchen, farmhouse, good and bad people around her. It’s a wonderful story. It’s change me. Change my perspective on life.

“You may tire of reality but you never tire of dreams.” ― L.M. Montgomery, The Road to Yesterday

Below are the diagram and written pattern for reference:

Diagram Pattern:

 PDF in English and Malay.

p/s: I even making the doormat from recycle mytshirtyarn from this pattern. Its so easy.

Quick & easy 101. This pattern is designed for educational purposes for beginner level crocheter. It’s a free pattern. 
Happy crocheting.

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