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Buku knit tangan Use only arms and fingers knit fashion item 35.

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Author : Laura Strutt
Number of pages: 110
Simplified Chinese
Pattern: Photo tutorial

Buku kraf "Use only arms and fingers! fashion item 35" is a book detailing the use of only the arm and the finger, and then combining the 2 strands and above to weave the upper needle, the lower needle, the flat needle, the undulating needle, the needle, the needle reduction, the osmanthus needle. 
Basic methods such as twisting and the method of pattern. 

Table of Contents
Introduction 4 
tools and materials 5 
arm knitting method 6 
finger knitting method 16 
ending 19 
made T-shirt line 22 
arm knitting household goods 
color pillow 27 
comfortable stool sleeve 28 
comfortable stripe blanket 31 
cushions 34 
spliced type blanket box 36 
color bags 39 
twist flower blankets 40 
pompoms globe cover 42 
osmanthus needle 45 blankets 
tea sleeve 46 
woven side pillow 48 
travel blanket 51 
arm wearing article knitted 
fashion collar 55 
T-Shirts Bolei line 56 when the waistcoat 
warm Shou Wu 58 
raspberry ripple cape 61 
simple vest type vest 62 
hooded scarves 65 
multi-line law buckle 66 scarves 
fashion shawl 68 
stylish hood 70 
simple beanie cap 73 
fingers weave household items 
afternoon tea Placemats Set 77 
nautical sailor knot square pillow 79 
spiral bath mat 82 
hanging heart-shaped decorations 84 
practical storage basket 86 
bobbles wreath 90 
fingers weave wearware 
big bow ribbon end 95 
rings necklace 96
Corsage 99 
Ms. Contrast Handbag 101 
Multi-ring Bracelet 105 
Beaded Leather Necklace 106 
Chain Scarf 108 
Supplier 110 
Acknowledgment 112

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