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Benang Kait BCYarn (5ply)


Benang kait kapas budget cotton yarn / #bcyarn.


✔Teksture lebih  lembut.

✔Harga berpatutan dan

✔Lebih gebu

✔Selesa apabila mengait.

✔Sesuai digunakan untuk projek kecil, kasut, projek granny Square.

Type: 3 (DK, Lightweight/Light Worsted)
Berat: 46gram
Panjang: Approx 112m
Material :Kapas + Susu
Jarum Hook Cadangan: 3.5mm-4.5mm.

(Tesktur lembut dan harga berpatutan.)


✔ Warna akan lari sedikit untuk sesetengah kod.  Sama ada warna menjadi pudar atau terang.  Oleh itu di sarankan membeli dalam  kuantiti banyak pada satu masa jika anda melakukan projek besar. 

Q/A How many knots are in the 1ball yarn?

✔We are selling a commercial yarns, knots occur when the manufacturer needs to join two (very long) lengths of yarn together. 

✔ Knot in the yarn cannot be entirely avoided and a certain number of knots must be tolerated. One or two knots in a 50 g yarn ball lie within the tolerance specifications and are industry standards.

✔ The production of a yarn is not a continuous process. For some of the intermediate steps, the yarn must be knotted on. Depending on the effect and the dying process, the technically required number of knots per set weight can vary.

Q/A: I purchased more than one skein of the same bcyarn color code, but they look slightly different for my next shipping order. What's going on?

When it comes to hand-dyed yarns, each skein is truly unique. Skeins of the same colorway are never identical, and their intensity varies from batch to batch. 

If you order more than one skein of a particular colorway, on the same day order, I always ship skeins from the same batch, so they closely match.

I always recommend customers to buy extra on the same day order to avoid a sudden shift of color.

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