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Buku Crocheted Beautiful Thread Book

Publisher Date: 2015-10-01
Pages: 96 pg
Language: Chinese.
Diagram given.
Thread crocheted beautiful color small things for the renowned Japanese master color master weave famous fashion color masterpiece. The book works great feature is the bold color and crisp.
Allowing you to have a could not withstand the temptation. A small amount of wool would not be useless. Motif stitching hats.
The work is simple, easy to learn and easy to do. 
The crochet method of this book is very simple, and it can be completed by only using short needle crocheting, long needle crocheting and the like.

Table of Contents

rose embroidery mittens 
flowers lace shawl 
colorful curling scarf 
flower 漾 grandmother square hand bag 
square flower piece tort bag 
pleated color strip scarf 
playful dog dress 
dog flower collars 
Fair Isle warm legs 
flower piece mini mosaic carpet 
of flowers coaster 
drops flower cushions 
mushroom needle inserted 
butterfly brooch 
photo frame hand-crocheted 
hut-shaped potholder 
sheep corsage 
bottle sets of 
flowers packet 
flowers pen 
tablet sleeve 
super cute mobile phone sets 
bow garland 
book works list 
The weaving method of the work 
crochet basic 
needle knitting basic 
embroidery foundation

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