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Buku Crochet Fruit & Vegetable Sweets


This book is full of 24 colorful crochet fruit styles and cute and fashionable original patterned knit hats for food styles, suitable for children aged 1~4 years old.
📌Patterns include patterns of fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries, watermelons, pineapples, pears, pumpkins, and tomatoes, as well as hamburgers, cupcakes, and more.
📌All works and weaving drawings are presented in a graphical form that is easy to understand.

📌The photos in the book are printed with detailed tips. At the same time, the book also details the wool, weaving marks and basic weaving methods used in the works.  Contain: Apple Watermelon Round Ball Shaped Cap ...p.8,9(p.10)

Banana Eggplant Domineering ear protector cap...p.12,13(p.14)

Watermelon Strawberry Romantic styling cap of wavy lace...p.16,17(p.18)

Acorn Grape The shape of the embossed pattern...p.20,21(p.22)

Melon Peanut Diamond-shaped styling cap...p.24,25(p.23,26)

Pineapple Pine Tower Cute styling cap of fish scales...p.28,29(p.30,59)

Pumpkin Tomato chubby striped cap...p.32,33(p.34)

Onion lemon girlish bandaged pointed hat...p.36,37(p.38)

Small radish pears playful curling styling cap...p.40,41(p.42)

Roasted Chicken Funny style twisted styling cap...p.44(p.46,59)

Hamburger Full-bodied multi-layer hat...p.45(p.58)

Cupcakes Layered sweet styling caps...p.48,49(p.50)

Sweet tube ice cream Candy-colored pointed hat...p.52,53(p.54)

The wire used in this book...p.4~757

Basic course...p.56

Crochet foundation...p.57

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