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Buku crochet retro lace woven book.

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Author: Japan Treasury.
Language: Chinese Simplify.
Pattern: Diagram.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction 
  • needle and thread crocheted lace used 
  • needle method and the method of seton 
  • relationship between the needle and the vertical height of the needle projects 
  • substantially acupuncture needles 
  • needles ring method of 
  • knitting with circular short hook 
  • with a long needle hook of the knitting circle shaped 
  • lace crocheted introductory courses crocheted ornaments simple little 
  • crocheted ornaments small square wire 
  • crocheted hexagonal small decorations 
  • of flowers and leaves crocheted method 
  • Irish crocheted lace. Clover flowers and 
  • beaded lace crocheted 
  • beaded worn 
  • Lace-knitted and splicing method of decorative lace 
  • makes lace work beautiful and flat. 
  • Lace stitch method basic course crocheted short needle flat needle 
  • crochet long needle flat needle 
  • lace crochet commonly used stitch method and symbol description

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