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Buku Crochet Bag Hemp rope woven.


34 kinds of bags woven with hemp rope.
4 basic bottoms : round, square, rectangular, oval bag.

Language: Chinese
Diagram crochet pattern.
Easy to understand.

Table of Contents


1 Round bottom braided hand bag P.4/P.50

2 Square bottom braided hand bag P.5/P.52

3 Elliptical bottom round-woven hand bag P.6/P.54

4 Rectangular bottom round-woven hand bag P.7/P.56

5 waterdrop handbags P.8/P.50

6 water drop handbag P.9/P.52

7 oval pattern handbag P.10/P.54

8 rectangular pattern handbag P.11/P.56

9 Plied line handbag with small ball ornaments P.12/P.50, 58

10 Plied line handbag with dripping ornaments P.13/P.52, 58

11 oval bottom hooked beaded handbag P.14/P.60

12 Rectangular bottom hooked beaded handbag P.15/P.60

13 Mobile pocket P.16/P.58

14 round bottom tote with built-in pocket P.16/P.36

15 Round handle with cable handle P.17/P.42

Round handle with round handles P.17/P.42

17 buckle-type cosmetic bag P.18/P.42

18 zipper cosmetic bag P.18/P.42

19 Mini Drawstring Pocket P.19/P.42, 49

20 mini triangle towel bag P.19/P.42, 49

21 Outdoor Tote Bag P. 20/P.62

22 Outdoor bag P. 21/P.63

23 indoor storage basket P. 22/P.59

24 newspaper storage basket P. 23/P.66

25 puppy small storage box P. 25/P.64

26 Bunny Small Object Storage Box P. 25/P.65

27 Leather covered Marshall bag P. 26/P.68

28 leather handle net bag P. 27/P.70

29 Pulling the net of the needle-handling handle P. 28/P.72

30 multicolor striped tote bag P. 29/P.74

31 Handbags without weaving handles P.30/P.71

32 small pompomed handbag P.31/P.76

33 patchwork cross-body handbag P.32/P.77

34 patchwork vertical handbag P.33/P.77

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