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Benang Kait eskemyarn (3ply)


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Berat: 49g, 3ply.
Panjang : 110m, 3ply.
Material Kapas + susu
Hook Cadangan: 2.5mm-3.0mm

Yarn Type:  2 (Fingering/ Superfine/Sockweight)


✔Lebih lembut.
✔Lebih cantik.
✔Lebih halus.
✔Tekstur cantik dan selesa untuk cuaca Malaysia.
✔Sesuai untuk baju, sweater dan shawl, amigurumi saiz keychain, cardigan.


✔Limited edition.

Q/A How many knots are in the 1ball yarn?

✔We are selling a commercial yarns, knots occur when the manufacturer needs to join two (very long) lengths of yarn together. 

✔ Knot in the yarn cannot be entirely avoided and a certain number of knots must be tolerated. One or two knots in a 50 g yarn ball lie within the tolerance specifications and are industry standards.

✔ The production of a yarn is not a continuous process. For some of the intermediate steps, the yarn must be knotted on. Depending on the effect and the dying process, the technically required number of knots per set weight can vary.


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